Don’t just visit Cuba, Experience Cuba

JULY 15th - JULY 23rd 


We at Dingolay Adventures pride ourselves in our ability to create engaging experiences. We don’t just want you to see Cuba, we want you experience Cuba. We want you to immerse yourself in Cuban culture. Eat like they do, dance like they do, live like they do. There are plenty of other tour operators who herd dozens of customers like animals, we’re not one of them. We limit the number of guests to 12 so that we can offer a more personalized service.  We want you to feel as if you’re travelling with friends, not as if you’re on a class trip.  



Engage All Your Senses

Cuban Sights:

Explore old Havana with its quaint streets and revolutionary history. The views of the waterfront at sunset are to die for.

Sounds of Cuba:

Move your feet to the hypnotic rhythms of Cuban music. The fusion of Afro- Cuban percussion with Spanish canción is sure to get you dancing.

Cuban Sensations:

Let the soothing waters of of the Caribbean Sea relieve your stresses. Feel the sand between your toes as you sip on a mojito on the beaches or Varadero.

Taste of Cuba:

Relish authentic Cuban cuisine that is both fulling and delicious. Have you ever tasted ropa vieja? Don’t worry, you will. 

Cuban Aromas:

Enjoy the fresh air of the Cuban country side. Take a stroll through the tobacco fields of Pinar del Rio, famous for producing Cuba’s iconic cigars.

What’s included

  • Return airfare from Piarco International Airport
  • Accommodations for 9 nights 
  • A local guide in addition to Dingolay Adventures staff
  • All ground transportation
  • All breakfasts
  • Photographer to capture all your memorable moments
  • Cuban visa
  • No US visa required (just your Trinbago passport)



US $2400
30% (US $750) due by June 10th
Remainder due before departure


This trip offers plenty of opportunity explore the heart and culture of Cuba.  We guarantee the things you will experience with Dingolay, cannot be found in a guide book. Plus, it is much easier than travelling by yourself. You’ll be hanging out with like-minded individuals who also have a passion for travel and adventure.

Day 1: Late arrival into Havana. You will be transported to your hotel where you will be provided with some light refreshments.  

Day 2: After a late breakfast, we will begin with a tour of Old Havana and learn all the capital city has to offer. Afterwards we'll have little rum tasting to loosen you up for our next activity; salsa dancing. In anticipation for the weekend, we’ll have a private salsa lesson so you can be prepared to dance the night away on the Malecón.

Day 3: Tour of Havana by classic car. Along the way, we’ll lose ourselves in the funky street art in Callejón de Hamel, a bastion of Afro Cuban culture.  

Day 4: Transport to Viñales where the tobacco for Cuba’s famous cigars is cultivated. It’s no surprise that we’ll be going on a tour of a tobacco plantation.

Day 5: Horseback riding in Viñales in the morning with the freedom to explore Viñales at your own leisure in the afternoon.

Day 6: Head to the beaches or Varadero for some fun in the sun. Feel free to swim, snorkel and SCUBA on the pristine white sand beaches of Cuba’s north coast.

Day 7: Beach Activities in the morning, followed by Tropicana Matanzas; an artistic production featuring Cuban dance, music and history.

Day 8: We’re going to Trinidad. No, we’re not going back home just yet, instead we’ll be heading to the UNESCO world Heritage city of Trinidad Cuba.

Day 9: You'll have a free morning to explore the cobbled streets of Trinidad at your leisure. In the afternoon, we'll head back to Havana stopping at Bay of Pigs along the way.

Day 10: There are no planned activities on our last day in Havana. Feel free to stock up on souvenirs before preparing to return to Trinidad and Tobago.