Speak It Into Existence

About 6 years ago I was working the proverbial 9-5 job. I had all the trappings of upward mobility; my own car, a nice apartment and enough money to live comfortably, but something still felt lacking. One day, during the doldrums of a typical work week, I began jutting down a random list of the top 5 things I have always wanted to do. In hindsight, writing this list on paper was probably the best decision I ever made. It's sort of like speaking it into existence. The moment I wrote it down, I began noticing opportunities for me to accomplish these goals. On a leap of faith, I left my job as an environmental engineer to take up a job as an English teacher in Japan. Over the next 6 years, I wandered the world extensively taking any job I could find that would allow me to fund my wanderlust. Truth be told, I don't even refer to the list when I am planning an adventure, but because I am always open to new experiences, it is as if my subconscious is unknowingly willing me to complete my bucket list. 6 years in and I am genuinely surprised at the amount of things I've checked off. Some goals have definitely changed over the years, and others have been added, but the one constant that has remained is my desire to always live life to the fullest.  Fun fact: the list had to be "Top 5" because my mind craves any semblance of order and wouldn't let me choose otherwise. **asterisks** = denotes pictures attached

Top 5 Adventures In The Sky

- Sky diving*

- Helicopter Ride

- Hang Gliding

- Hot Air Balloon

- Biplane (Open cockpit) plane ride


Top 5 Adventures Above The Ground

- Bungee Jumping*

- Ziplining*

- Canyoneering*

- Trapeezing*

- Cliff Jumping*


Top 5 Adventures Under The Sea

Snorkeling or Snuba Diving *

- SCUBA Diving*

- Spear Fishing

- Shark feeding in a cage*

- Submarine Ride


Top 5 Adventures On The Ocean's Surface

- Surfing*

- Banana boating*

- Kite surfing

- Body boarding*

- Flyboarding


Top 5 Things to do on a river or lake

- White water rafting*


- Wake boarding*

- Tubing

- Dragon boat racing*


Top 5 Festivals I want to participate in

- Carnival in Trinidad

-  Holi in India/Nepal*

- October fest in Munich

- Running with the bulls in Spain

- Naked man festival in Japan


Top 5 Festivals I Want To Witness

- Carnival in Bahia Brazil

- Dia de los Muertos in Mexico*

- Yi Peng (lantern festival) in Thailand

- Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan*

- Castel (human tower) in Spain


Top 5 Music Festivals

- New Orleans Jazz Festival (USA)

- Reggae Sumfest (Jamaica) 

- Burning Man (USA)

- Tomorrowland (Belgium)

- Sauti za Busara (Zanzibar)


Top 5 Monuments I Want To Visit

- Pyramids of Giza

Angkor Wat*

Great Wall of China*

- Manchu Picchu

- Roman Colosseum 


Top 5 Things To Do In Winter

- Snowboarding*

- Skiing*

- Have a snowball fight

- Ice skating

- Make a snowman




Top 5 Motorized Activities

- Go karting*

- ATV-ing*

- Motorbike riding


Jet skiing* 


Top 5 Weapons Related Activities

- Machine gun range*

- Clay shooting

- Laser tag

- Paintball*

- Archery 


Top 5 Fitness Activities

- Run a marathon

Fun Run*

- Trekking/Hiking

- Sprint Tri-Athlon

- Obstacle course race (tough mudder)


Top 5 Sports that I want to Play

- Dodgeball

- American Football

- Ultimate Frisbee

- Golf

- Ice hockey


Top 5 Professional Sporting Events To Attend

- A European football match*

- An NBA game*

- An NFL game*

- A West Indies cricket match

- An NHL game


Top 5 Animal Related Experiences

- Horse Back Riding

- African Safari*

- Free diving with sharks*

- Ride a dog sled

- Swim with Dolphins


Top 5 Performances I Want To Witness

- Cirque Du Soleil Show*

- A Broadway Musical*

- A Medieval Fair battle

- A ballet/Opera

- A symphonic orchestra


Top 5  Entertainment Ideas

- Go to an theme park

- Go to a water park

- Go to a 4D film

- Go to a State fair

- Be part of a game show


Top 5 Clothing Optional Activities

- Go to a nude beach in the nude

- Go skinny dipping

- Go to a burlesque show

- Get a lap dance at a strip club

- Have a nude photo shoot 


Top 5 Leisurely Activities In A Park

- Have a picnic in the park

- Fly a kite*

- Go to a 'Shakespeare in the Park'

- Go to a 'Movies on the Green'

- Feed ducks in a pond