Dingolay Adventures


Travel is the best education


DINGOLAY Adventures was founded in 2016 with the purpose of connecting travellers. We help travellers take that first step in exploring this big blue planet we call earth. We know how daunting it can be to shed your anxieties and embark on a solo adventure to far off countries like Cambodia or Kenya, so we at DINGOLAY aim to alleviate such trepidations by organizing educational group tours to exotic locales . Our mission is to provide a platform where like minded adventurers can interact and share stories, photos and advice with each other. We want our expeditions to be more engaging than just selfies in front of an old church in Europe or partying all night at a club in Miami, instead we specialize in creating an immersive travel experience. Whether it be camel riding in the Thar Desert of India or sharing a meal with a Masai Warrior in Tanzania, we strive to create a truly engaging cultural experience as travel should be an education in itself.  

Spelunking in Waitomo Glow Worms Caves


“I travelled around the world and only felt lost once I arrived home”

Kenna Clarke

Have you ever gotten the urge to sell all your hard-earned possessions and just travel the world? You too? Well instead of suppressing those urges, I indulged them. I travelled as far as I could for as long as I could, taking every chance I got to immerse myself in new cultures.  I have had to learn how to manage the fear of packing my bags and moving to a completely new city/ country/ continent. Now, I purposely seek out these kind of experiences. Over the course of my journey, I have made priceless memories with some of the most amazing people from every walk of life. I can honestly say that I treasure every single experience, including the unfortunate ones. Travel has proven to be the best education. Five (5) years and over forty (40) countries later, I am glad to finally be back home. My desire to explore the world has not subsided but has only grown stronger. Now my mission is to help people explore the world more. Join me on my next adventure?