Our Mission

To make travel fun again
by taking away the stress of planning an adventure.



Group Adventures

Are you tired of trying to convince your friends to go on trip with you? If travelling to exotic locales with like-minded individuals sounds alluring, Dingolay Adventures is for you. We strive to be more than a travel agency. Our mission is to facilitate an enriching travel experience by organizing guided group tours to some of the most fascinating cultures this world has to offer.


Travel Planning

Don’t have the time or the energy to plan every minute detail of a perfect vacation? We can meet all your travel needs by alleviating the stresses of organizing flights, hotels and activities. DINGOLAY Adventures can prepare a travel itinerary that is tailored to your personal tastes. Shoot us an email and we'll prepare an itinerary. Prices start as low as TT $300 for our bespoke services.


Events and Meetups

Our goal is to provide a platform where fellow adventurers can meet one another and share stories, photos and advice from their past travel adventures with each other. Events are in the works and will soon be held at locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago. It’d be a great opportunity to meet other travellers who share a similar passion for adventure as you do.

Adventures Of A Lifetime


We had a blast in Japan thanks to Dingolay Adventures. I was really content with our trip. From visiting temples in Kyoto to riding roller-coasters in Tokyo DisneySea, it was a great vacation.

Janice & Joe

Spent 3 weeks in Europe with my family and Dingolay Adventures was instrumental in orchestrating a fantastic vacation. We got the low-down of the best activities to be had each country. Would definitely recommend Dingolay Adventures. 

J. Des Vignes
Travel with US

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